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Nominate was first created as a theme for It was created as a WordPress solution to the issues brought forward by sites like Pligg and has evolved into a powerful content voting and submission based theme. There’s more information on the theme details page over on Pro Theme Design.

How it works

Nominate has most of the features of fully fledged social bookmarking sites. The process for a user is:

  • User creates her free account
  • User submit stories about WordPress
  • If other users enjoy the story, they vote for it
  • If the story has X votes (X is defined in the theme admin), then it is promoted to the homepage as a featured article

About the Creator

My name is Ben Gillbanks, online I am often known as Binary Moon. I am a web developer, video gamer, and part time entrepreneur. By day I am the Director of Web Development at, and by night I sell WordPress themes on Pro Theme Design.

You can view all of my websites here on and follow me on Twitter.