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How to Make Shortcodes More User-Friendly

Submitted by • March 14, 2010

Since WordPress 2.5, Shortcode has proven to be one of the most powerful features that allows lots of room for flexibility and customization. However, as anything that has the word "code" in it, shortcodes are not very user friendly. For ...

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Ultimate Guide to Roles and Capabilities

Submitted by • April 7, 2010

Since Roles and Capabilities are introduced in WordPress 2.0, the User Level approach has been declared deprecated. However, it’s disappointing that most plugins and themes out there still use user levels to control access to admin option pages and other ...

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10 tricks to make your WordPress theme stand out

Submitted by • April 22, 2009

There are a ton of WordPress themes out there these days, so it can be hard to get your theme noticed. The solution? Use the ten tricks listed in this post to make your theme stand out from the crowd.

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A Collection of WordPress theme frameworks

Submitted by • February 5, 2010

Theme frameworks have always been around but lately they have begun to gain in popularity as more people discover the flexibility that they bring to the table. There is no doubt that there are more than enough themes available for ...

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The new WordPress 3.0

Submitted by • June 14, 2010

The final version of WordPress 3.0 was not released yet, but the release candidate version version number 3 is available, this means not much will change only some bug fixes if there are any.

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14 tips to WordPress practical security

Submitted by • March 15, 2009

WordPress is the most user friendly expandable blog platform around. "With power comes more responsibilities", says Spiderman’s uncle. So what if your valuable WordPress blog get hacked? You will be literally devastated, violated and humiliated. Now you need to know ...

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30 Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Hacks

Submitted by • February 19, 2010

You will find here 30 Most wanted WordPress tips and hacks that you always wanted to know. Learn to create your own PoPUrls within WordPress or to style individual posts.

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Custom CSS Per Post

Submitted by • February 25, 2010

Learn how to apply custom CSS to pages by using a custom panel located below the WordPress editor, by creating a new specific style.css or by using Art Direction plugin.

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How to make your WordPress posts dates clickable

Submitted by • June 28, 2009

A little trick to make every bit of your posts dates clickable. This trick makes your post date, month and year hyperlinked.

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Using WordPress taxonomies to create a product directory

Submitted by • March 29, 2010

WordPress lets you categorise your posts according to “tag”, and “category”. Which is fine. However, for some time now WordPress has supported a concept called “Custom Taxonomies”. Which is a long winded way of saying “We’ll let you choose how ...

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