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Blog Stats plugin

Submitted by • March 10, 2009

This plugin makes available a number of statistics about your blog, including pagerank, alexa rank, technorati rank and feedburner RSS count. To ensure you always have the most up to date values, these statistics update daily.

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27 Stunning Yet Free Premium WordPress Magazine & News Themes

Submitted by • March 1, 2009

There are some Stunning, amazing, cool Premium themes out there which are nicely designed, innovative, SE optimized, flexible and yet being FREE! I am not the first one to write about these FREEMIUM WordPress themes and I won’t be the ...

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BPinspire – BuddyPress Showcase Gallery

Submitted by • February 5, 2010

There is no doubt that the next few years will see some amazing BuddyPress sites being created. showcase the latest most inspiring BuddyPress websites shared by the WordPress and BuddyPress community. The website list also awesome free and paid BuddyPress ...

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Prevent SQL Injection Attacks In WordPress

Submitted by • June 5, 2010

SQL injection is a very popular technique to hack into database of a website by using incorrect user input with unescaped characters. It occurs when developer designs a bad database layer for an application. In WordPress, the database layer is ...

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How to: Remove widget areas on your blog homepage without editing template files

Submitted by • March 12, 2009

Ever wanted to be able to remove your widgetized areas (Sidebar, most of the time) on your blog homepage, but don’t feel like editing your theme files? No problem, here is the solution.

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The 13 Most Essential Plugins for WordPress

Submitted by • March 17, 2009

WordPress is a very powerful and flexible blog/content management system, but the thousands of plugins really help to extend the basic functionality. Here are 13 essential plugins that you should immediately install after finishing the WordPress installation.

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“Magazeen”: Free Magazine-Look WordPress Theme

Submitted by • March 1, 2009

We love our readers. We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. And we do our best to make the web design community stronger and the Web a little bit prettier. Therefore we ask talented artists ...

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Creating Your Own WordPress Permalink Structure For Custom Content

Submitted by • February 20, 2010

The latest feature I have added to WPVote is a page that shows all pages submitted to this site for a specific domain. In this article will show how I created the custom permalink structure without creating custom pages.

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Top 3 Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

Submitted by • March 29, 2010

A plugin that describes the TOP 3 social bookmarkings plugin. You can use social bookmarking plugin to give your visitors the option to bookmark and share your URL.

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Introducing WP Hive – The WordPress Multisite Alternative

Submitted by • August 22, 2010

Recently was given the opportunity to interview John Sessford of WP Hive, a plugin that allows multiple WordPress sites to run on a single installation. If you haven’t heard about the WP Hive project, it may be just the ...

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