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20 Best Free Premium Magazine WordPress Themes

Submitted by • September 25, 2010

Bloggers prefer magazine style themes to give a professional touch to their blogs. Following are some of the best premium magazine-style WordPress themes which are free to download:

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Introducing Thesis Awesome Skins for WP

Submitted by • September 25, 2010

I am a massive believer in premium or unique blog themes, to me, they are a statement that the blogger is serious about what they are doing, Thesis Awesome in a new membership site delivering affordable Thesis theme Skins.

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How to Style Individual WordPress Posts in Seconds

Submitted by • June 22, 2010

With art-directed blog posts being all the rage, people are turning to plugins and custom fields. But did you know that WordPress already supports styling individual posts?

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24 Great Examples of Websites using WordPress in New & Imaginative Ways

Submitted by • May 31, 2010

WordPress is fast becoming the de facto open source CMS for both beginners and advanced webmasters alike. Despite WordPress’ primary focus still being on setting up a blog (at least until WordPress 3.0 is launched) designers using a combination of ...

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Add value to your Blog with a top profesional WordPress theme

Submitted by • May 24, 2010

Last days i was searching for a theme for an informational website that i want to build. I’m looking to build something more like a news website: a lot of information about a specific topic where visitors can read only ...

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Creating a WordPress Theme (Part 1): Photoshop

Submitted by • May 19, 2010

This post – Part 1 – ia about how to design a WordPress blog in Photoshop. It starts with the basic – inspiration – and go through the entire process of building a design.

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WordPress 3.0 Post Admin Balsamiq Pattern

Submitted by • May 13, 2010

Feel free to grab and use the first of a growing list of maintained blasamiq WordPress admin patterns. We use this to support our plugin development efforts.This is the post list (what you get from the Post > edit menu ...

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How to Create a Theme Development Environment for a Live WordPress Site

Submitted by • February 2, 2010

This tutorial will allow you to easily switch between the live site and development versions using two different themes on the same installation of WordPress.

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How to Develop WordPress Themes Behind the Scenes

Submitted by • January 27, 2010

Tutorial explaining how to use a use a theme-switching plugin and the proper code to develop a theme behind the scenes on a live WordPress site.

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