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7 Easy Ways to Add the Official Twitter Button to Your WordPress Blog

Submitted by • August 22, 2010

Most WordPress users want to add the Tweet Button to their blogs because of the large amount of traffic that Twitter drives to websites. Many of the plugins listed here are bundled with extra features that you may or may ...

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Show Number of Retweets in WordPress Without a Plugin

Submitted by • June 3, 2010

Here we're going to show the number of retweets an article has using the Backtype API and PHP. No more bloaty or impossible-to-customize plugins, just a few lines of code and you can show how popular you are in ...

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How to add Tweet Box to your WordPress blog?

Submitted by • May 5, 2010

Providing your blog visitor with a fast and easy way to contact with you is good idea for bloggers who are active on twitter, this is how I added the tweet box to my blog, give it a try!

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How To Take Twitter Everywhere using @Anywhere

Submitted by • April 27, 2010

Nice Twitter tutorial will show you how to display Twitter Hovercards using API in comment section of WordPress blog, this will help you increase the engagement between your blog readers and twitter followers

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Timeago Plugin – Twitter Like Fuzzy Dates in WordPress

Submitted by • March 17, 2010

Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and all the big guns are using the fuzzy date/time of type “3 minutes ago”, “10 days ago” etc. Timeago plugin allows you to use the same format on your WordPress blogs.

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WordPress Short URLs for Twitter

Submitted by • February 2, 2010

An article describing how to use WordPress default permalink structure to generate Twitter friendly short URLs, whilst maintaining your sites use of pretty permalinks.

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Twitter Friendly Links for WordPress

Submitted by • May 21, 2009

So, you promote your blog posts via Twitter, huh? Me too. And those long blog post URLs, ugh! Yeah, we got rid of those using URL shortening services like TinyURL and but what about the name and/or brand? Your ...

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15 Useful Twitter Hacks and Plug-Ins For WordPress

Submitted by • March 4, 2009

In this article, Smashing Magazine have compiled 15 most useful Twitter plug-ins, hacks and tips for WordPress to help you get the most out of Twitter in your WordPress blog.

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How to: Automatically provide tinyurls for your WordPress blog posts

Submitted by • March 1, 2009

Are you on Twitter? I am. This service make an intensive use of tinyurls in order to reduce the size of urls. Why not provide automatically provide a tinyurl to your readers so they can use it on Tweeter?

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